Learning and Skills Development

Upskill employees and nurture talent

UPstanding provides the means to identify and implement the training your employees need.

Main Functionalities

Managing and closely monitoring the annual training plan is a key tool to ensure that employees receive the training they need.

Learning and Skills development module provides several functionalities that enable the planned training implementation, allowing employees to interact in the various stages of their training through the portal.

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Training Catalogue

Catalogue makes it possible to consolidate the training courses, whether they are past or planned.

Training data sheet includes description, goals, agenda or other relevant information, which employees can check at any time. It also includes relevant documents and materials.

Linking the skills dictionary to training makes it possible to identify which actions can be applied when an employee needs to develop a certain skill.

Annual Training Plan

By loading the annual plan it is possible to identify which trainings, sessions/classes and participants will be considered throughout the year.

Based on associated individual costs it is possible to estimate the total investment in training and monitor its evolution as the sessions are carried out.

Together with performance management module, it is possible to suggest training based on the skills still not reached by employees, and on the measures shown in their personal development plan.

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Off-plan Training

It is not always possible to anticipate all training needs at the beginning of the year.

Users can request unplanned training through the portal, which is followed by an approval workflow.

If approved, training is included in the plan, but it is always possible to distinguish it from other planned training.

If it does not yet exist in the catalogue, HR can add it, filling in the necessary information.

Invitations and attendance records

When the training is confirmed, for each scheduled session, HR can send out the invitations directly through UPstanding's Backoffice.

Attendees will receive an e-mail and training will be available on the portal, linked to their scheduled trainings. Managers will also have access to this information.

Similarly, after the training, HR team can record attendance.The registration can be simplified (i.e. attended vs. not attended) or detailed (in which periods the employee was actually attending).

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Training and effectiveness evaluation

Once attendance has been recorded, you can send a training evaluation questionnaire to your attendees.

This option can be set training by training and you can choose a specific form. Employees receive a task on the portal to answer this questionnaire and are notified by e-mail.

Forms can be set up by the HR team, creating multiple templates suitable for different types of training.

Training Plan Monitoring

As training is carried out, it is possible to monitor overall implementation of the training plan.

Indicators such as number of sessions/participants, number of training hours, percentage of plan implementation, or distribution of training/costs by type or department are available.

This makes it easier to monitor the success of your employees' skills development.

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