Support Processes

Keep your organization running smoothly

Not everything is a talent management process. Administrative processes are also a real need that requires due attention.

Main Functionalities

By automating HR processes and reducing their complexity, the team will have more time to engage in strategic initiatives. Ensure your employees achieve maximum performance by providing them with a simple, user-friendly and intuitive solution to support them on a daily basis.

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Requests to HR

Whenever an employee needs to place a request to HR can do so through the employee portal, avoiding the exchange of loose and disorganised e-mails.

In UPstanding's Backoffice it is possible to follow up the received requests, but also monitor their status through statistical indicators.

All interactions are recorded as the requestor or HR team responds.


Expense reimbursements

Expense claims allow you to leverage employee portal to bring employees and the organisation closer together.Employees can submit a request by filling out one of the available forms:

  • General expenses
  • Travel Expenses

Expenses can be presented in multiple currencies and exchange rates can be managed in UPstanding's Backoffice.

Once submitted, depending on the mode of approval defined, expenses have to be approved by the head or project officer (if applicable).

Financial team then receives an approval task and subsequent confirmation of the employee's payment.


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Tailor-made processes

UPstanding does not provide a support process that would be useful for your organisation?

Don't worry, throw us a challenge and in a next version your process may already be available!

Anyway, there is always the chance to develop a process tailored to you, within the scope of an implementation project.


If you don't believe us, throw us a challenge!