Time and Attendance

Change the way you manage your approvals

Whether it's vacations, absences or time sheets, approvals flow through the employee portal, creating an integrated view.

Main Functionalities

Being able to check the team' actual or planned absences in real time is a must for any manager.

Attendance management module allows to support the annual cycles of vacation booking and change, absence justifying with attachments of supporting documents and time sheets reporting/approval.

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Vacation booking

At the beginning of the year it is time to launch the annual vacation booking cycle, calculating the quotas for each employee and letting the entire organisation know the deadlines that must be met.

Employees can start a holiday booking or change process from the portal, filling in the days they wish to enjoy.

Managers receive approval tasks, with the possibility of checking the team's vacation map and thus making more informed decisions.


Justifying absences

Whether to request approval of a scheduled absence, or the justification for an absence that has occurred, employees can start a process through employee portal.

Simply choose the type of absence, confirm its dates, and attach a supporting document if the type chosen so requires.

When an unjustified absence is detected, for example in time reporting, a card is presented on the employee's portal warning that there are absences to be justified.

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Time sheets

Mainly for service or project-oriented organisations, this functionality is available for time reporting.

Every week employees receive a notice to submit their time report, identifying in which project/task they have spent their time.

After the time sheet is submitted, management receives a task to approve employees' time sheets.

This information can be accessed later, with views by employee, project/client or type.

Attendance charts

Through employee portal and according to the access level that has been defined, it is possible for the user to check team attendance charts.

In UPstanding's backoffice, HR team can always check vacation or absence charts of all employees.

You can export this information to Excel if you need to send the charts to other agencies/institutions.

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